Recent Projects

Just some many success stories

These last few months have seen some amazing young entrepreneurs start to really score some big goals. It just proves that coaching pays off.

Here's a short summary of just a few I've been working with:

  • Preparing a plan with a Company making specialty bathroom accessories -- high-end market items. Will get a chance to display their product on a reality TV show soon
  • Working with a Beauty Therapy Company booking 2 - 3 appointments per therapist per day back in September. By end of December they take 8 - 10 per therapist daily and are at capacity
  • Assisting a Boat Building Company undertaking its first major assignment - a cabin type runabout. After 3 months they have negotiated to place boats in a boat yard for no fee,and are now agents for boat accessories. Plus they have created a huge network of contacts
  • Mentoring a copy-writer who is now writing regular articles for local newspapers around Geelong and who is currently making in-roads to radio work. All from a standing start in October.