Just some of many success stories

These last few months have seen some amazing young entrepreneurs start to really score some big goals. It just proves that coaching pays off.

Here's a short summary of just a few I've been working with:

  • Preparing a plan with a Company making specialty bathroom accessories -- high-end market items. Will get a chance to display their product on a reality TV show soon
  • Working with a Beauty Therapy Company booking 2 - 3 appointments per therapist per day back in September. By end of December they take 8 - 10 per therapist daily and are at capacity
  • Assisting a Boat Building Company undertaking its first major assignment - a cabin type runabout. After 3 months they have negotiated to place boats in a boat yard for no fee,and are now agents for boat accessories. Plus they have created a huge network of contacts
  • Coaching a copy-writer who is now writing regular articles for local newspapers around Geelong and who is currently making in-roads to radio work. All from a standing start in October.

TIPS - The ABC of Business

  • Advice is your feed-back mechanism. Encourage customers and suppliers to give you feed-back both good and that needing repair
  • Balance between work and leisure will make you more effective and energised
  • the Customer is king, and Cash Flow is critical

A few more tips

  • Be weary of discounting your valuable products . You need massive sales increases to realise better profit levels if you cut the price.
  • Is your Business Plan up to date. It’s the first thing your Banker will ask for when you need a loan.
  • Don’t be afraid to call in the cash
  • Have you introduced yourself to Social Media?

Planning Time Out

The secret of the work / life balance is to make a commitment to spend some fixed time doing head-rest stuff. Your activity at work will probably give your body a reasonable physical work-out (walking to the bank or the lunch bar each day, lifting boxes in the office, taking the stairs instead of the lift). It's your brain that needs an airing on a regular basis. Doing what you really enjoy, be it physical exertion or sitting on a beach. Set a break time as if it is an appointment - regularly. You will find that this will just become part of your planned week. You may even find that you can make 2 life appointments each week!