Business Tips

The ABC of Business

Advice is your feed-back mechanism. Encourage customers and suppliers to give you feed-back both good and that needing repair

Balance between work and leisure will make you more effective and energised

the Customer is king, and Cash Flow is critical

A few more tips

Be weary of discounting your valuable products .
You need massive sales increases to realise better profit levels if you cut the price.
Is your Business Plan up to date.
It’s the first thing your Banker will ask for when you need a loan.
Don’t be afraid to call in the cash.

Establish a Customer Relationship

Management system (CRM) to give you a base to communicate with your customers.
you can then track ordering patterns, product by customer per period, historical sales trends.
You can keep all your customer informed of your products and services through e-mailouts.

Communication Tools

Are your communication tools up to date?

We’ve come a long way since the introduction of the MicroSoft operating system! Believe it or not, there are still a few business owners who haven’t embraced electronic communication. For the rest of us its important to utilise the range of tools, applications and social media connections to let your existing and potential customers know what you are offering. For those still deciding, ask us about the latest ways to talk to the world.