Website Theme Explained

You may be asking “Why the water / beach scenes on this site?”
It’s all about staying focussed on a balance between work and having a life. For me, that’s anything at, in or on the water. Hence the theme.

Having run small businesses I know how easy it is to become totally immersed in the 8 to 5 part of your life.Too often those hours spread either side of the work day. The fact is that many times these extra hours are simply unavoidable. So it is important that you can break away regularly.

The secret of the work / life balance is to make a commitment to spend some fixed time doing head-rest stuff. Your activity at work will probably give your body a reasonable physical work-out (walking to the bank or the lunch bar each day, lifting boxes in the office, taking the stairs instead of the lift). Its your brain that needs an airing on a regular basis. Doing what you really enjoy, be it physical exertion or sitting on the beach.Set a break time as if it is an appointment – regularly. You will find that this will just become part of your planned week. You might even find that you can make 2 life appointments each week!

Give it a try – it has amazing returns on the investment.